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A new Social Business City

Social Business City Taoyuan

In year 2014, Executive Yuan of Taiwan launched “Social Enterprise Action Plan” as the guideline for accelerating the development of social enterprises in Taiwan. Therefore, year 2014 is marked as the starting year of social enterprise development in Taiwan. Executive Yuan continued to launch the second version of action plan as “Social Innovation Action Plan” in year 2018 for boosting social innovation force. Ministry of Labour and Ministry of Economic Affairs work together executing the plans in the following four main areas: Law adjustment, Platform building, Subsidy and Advocacy.

Taoyuan City Government established “Social Business Center” under the Bureau of Youth Affairs in September 2017. Taoyuan City is the trailblazer in the development of social enterprises in Taiwan. With the advocacy and
restless hardworking, Taoyuan City is accredited as “Social Business City” in 2019, the first and only social business city in Taiwan.

By cooperating closely with Yunus Social Business Centre of National Central University, Social Business Center of Taoyuan City Government has been incubating and supporting many local social enterprises in Taoyuan City.

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Taoyuan Social Business Centre

he inaugural ceremony

Watch now the celebration of the new Social Business City!
Watch the Deputy Mayor of Taoyuan welcoming the initiative and the delivery of the certification by our Director.

Taoyuan City strives to become an internationally affirmed city of social enterprises where young people can topple down the low-income structure through entrepreneurship, and citizens can solve social problems by themselves.

Social Business Center is the main executor of the policies of Social Business
City as follows:

  1. Draft, coordinate and integrate policies governing social enterprises in Taoyuan City
  2. Promote and supervise the strategic development of social enterprises
  3. Promote and implement social enterprise policies in Taoyuan City
  4. Promote and supervise social enterprise policy meetings and resolutions
  5. Supervise and manage the execution of social enterprise promotion projects
  6. Promote and oversee social enterprise talent cultivation and advocacy
  7. Incubate and advise social enterprise teams or companies
  8. Promote domestic and international exchanges for social enterprises
  9.  Draft, coordinate and integrate other significant issues pertaining to social enterprises
Taoyuan Social Business Centre

For the long-term development of social business in Taoyuan City, Taoyuan Social Business Center renovated the idled space at B1 floor of Hsin-Fu Market General Building in Pingzen District as “Social Business Base”. In the near future, social business teams could move in and brings more momentum to the local community in Pingzen District.

For the subsidy, City government actively organized “Taoyuan Social Enterprise Entrepreneurship Competition.” So far, a total of 33 winning teams received a total of 1.3 million Taiwan dollars for the  ward. Since its establishment, it has provided a total of 2.16 million Taiwan dollars in equipment and TWD$510,000 on office space & rent subsidies. It is hoped that Taoyuan will become the place where social enterprises start their dreams. Taoyuan will also host “2020 Asia-Pacific Social Enterprise Summit”  in the coming year.

Taoyuan Social Business Center has close cooperation with Taipei Social Innovation Lab and Taichung Social Innovation Unit. The central and local governments have promoted the development of social business and innovation through various policies. To promote the concept of social business & innovation, Social Innovation Lab is established in Taipei, Social Business Center in Taoyuan, and Social Innovation Unit in Taichung. We hope that in the future, we can promote the experience of Social Innovation
Lab to every county, encouraging more discussions and incubation in different places.

In Taiwan, social business & innovation have gradually budded under the influence of the global trend with diverse forms, including non-profit organizations, cooperatives, and companies. According to a survey in 2017, social innovation enterprises in Taiwan consist mostly of new microenterprises, which are established within the last three years and have a capital less than $160,000. Their operation objectives focus on food and agricultural innovation, environmental sustainability/protection, and social care.

List of Social Enterprises created by the Social Business Centre

All the social enterprises listed above are incubated or based in Taoyuan City. They do business locally and have close relation with local community. Take local residents like senior citizens for example, they could broaden their social community by using the service from the local social enterprises. For young citizens, all the advocacy event/workshops of social business are open to the public. It gives them a new perspective toward the society.

Taoyuan City is a place with rapid population growth due to fact that people move in for the burgeoning job opportunities. However, Taoyuan City is also facing the issue of aging population structure. “Active Aging” is the goal Taoyuan City is working on. Senior Citizens is part of the community and should be taken seriously. They are not the burden but also partners.

Taoyuan City wishes to connect each citizen in regardless of age, education background, gender, religion or political stances. Social business is a new form of capitalism and Taoyuan City hopes to create a new ecosystem of economy that benefits all.

A Time of Glass Studios

The clothes waste issue of fast fashion is serious. A Glass of Time Studios solves this issue by
recycling denim clothing such as jeans and remaking them into different items like pillow, tote bags and pet’s toys. They have been cooperating with famous brand “Timberland” to remake Timberland’s old clothes to the new tote bags or accessories.
They hire employees from local disadvantaged community and middle-aged women who re-enter the
job markets. They not only create an innovative circular economy company, but also revive the local job
markets of community.

AAC Hope Solutions

Social Objective: AAC Hope Solutions provides eye-control communication assistive device to whole-body paralysed patients.
With his own experience taking care of a family member suffered from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Mr. Huang, the founder of AAC Hope Solutions, explored all the communication assistive devices in the markets. However, he failed to find one that is inexpensive and fits for Chinese-speaking user.
He started to research on his own version of eyecontrol communication assistive device in year 2015 and launched the first prototype in 2017. He has been refining the device and now you could even watch Netflix with a blink of eye.
AAC Hope Solutions aims to provide an easily accessible and inexpensive communication assistive technology. AAC Hope Solutions believes that patients with total paralysis and disability should also have the right for entertainment and communication, not just physical care.
The popularity of digital communication assistive technological aids enables all patients with whole-body paralysis and disability make their own demands, thus reducing the pressure of care from family members.

Micro PC

Social Objective: Solve the pollution issue of plastic microbeads in ocean
Micro PC aims to solve the problem of marine plastic microbeads. They provide sea area cleaning services through reclamation devices that can filter more than 90% of the plastic microbeads in the ocean.
This device can also clean out large and small marine trash such as plastic bags, plastic sheets and microbeads.
Moreover, they package them for re-use. It will, thus, create an environmentally friendly consumption and circular economy, diminishing the risk of marine life dying from plastic waste.

Package Plus

Social Objective: Reduce plastic waste and build eco-friendly reusable package material

The booming use of plastic packaging materials in online shopping has resulted in huge increase of waste.
Materials such as cartons, bubble wrap cushioning and plastic packaging is made of substances that are difficult to be recycled and to be reused, which would cause irreversible damage to the environment.

Package Plus integrates the need of package materials from small and medium sized online sellers and purchases the environmentally friendly package materials altogether from the big paper mill  company.

They provide one-stop package & shipping service to small and medial online seller. By this way, they can
build an eco-friendly logistic system. Moreover, Package Plus provides packaging job opportunities to people with disabilities or underprivileged groups to improve their economic situation.

3R Marker & Design

Social Objective: 1. Reduce excessive garbage and 2. Environment education for children
3R Maker & Design teaches children make toys from recycled pallets and cartons. Children get entertained and do good to the environment at the same time.
Children are exposed to the idea of the importance of environment protection. Moreover,3R Maker &  Design launched YouTube channel “Xiao Tian TV” and release videos of environment education to children and the public.
3R Maker & Design hope to carry out these three must-do things:
1. Pick up rubbish
Clean the street, clean the beach, clean the forest, and pick up rubbish in everyday life at anytime and anywhere.
2. Reduce garbage
Use self-prepared environmentally friendly containers and shopping bags. Reduce garbage anytime, anywhere in your life.
3. Recycle garbage
Recycle garbage and remake them as second-hand toys if possible.


Social Objective: Provide healthy dinning option to promote the importance of health
The Application developed by “NeighborCook” could connect college students (“Foodie”) and nearby  offcampus community(“Cookie”) achieving the need of healthy homemade food.
It provides an alternative dining option for college students. It can solve the problems of uneven nutrition intake and improper selection of ingredient. Moreover, “NeighborCook” would like to create a local community through such platform.

Mr.Good Social Enterprise

Social Objective: Promote SDGs to the public
Focusing on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the guideline, Mr. Good Social Enterprise organizes various events with forprofit companies to advocate the importance of the sustainable development in Taiwan.
Besides, Mr. Good Social Enterprise cooperates with “Wa’s Up Studio” to develop Taiwan’s first SDGs based board game – Children’s Formosa.

The Third Life Tecnology

Social Objective: Empower the elders
Taiwan is about to enter an ultra-aging society by 2025. Many senior citizens lose their purpose and  meaning in life after retirement. The average sickness year right before the death of Taiwan’s senior  itizens is about 7-8 years. The average cost of care service for each senior citizen is as high as 3 to 4 million Taiwan dollars. Gradually, “Senior Citizens” become a burden.
“The Third Life Technology” hopes to reverse this phenomenon and start from the prevention then empower the elders. They could get a sense of achievement and social participation by attending social groups and all variety of activities cater for them. “Being old” is not a burden, but a trend and a new life force.
Here are the services provided by “The Third Life Technology” (TLT):
1. Courses & Event
TLT launch Interactive seminars for senior citizens. TLT has the most professional occupational therapist
team to lead the elders in event. The elder could learn about physical health and disease during event.
2.Training senior citizens to instructors
Senior Citizens get trained as the leader of event or seminar.
3.Digital Marketing-helping manage Facebook Fan page
TLT is also a profession digital marketing team that help clients manage their Facebook Fan page.
4.Speaker’s event
TLT was a volunteer group so they have professional experience on volunteering training.
5.Educational Training
TLT provides service course with regard to the elders.


Social Objective: Promote the understanding of Tourette Syndrome and eradicate the stigma of Tourette Syndrome
“We TIC” has been promoting the understanding of Tourette Syndrome and working on eradicating the
stigma of Tourette Syndrome. They host many educational events on campus to teach teachers and
students about Tourette Syndrome.
“We TIC” launched a sound suppression mask that could mute almost 96% noise. This is truly a game
changer. It allows Tourette Syndrome patients go outside without getting rude stares from the public.

Re Green

Social Objective: Create a zero-waste and eco-friendly environment

“Re Green” launched a “Zero Waste Fertilizer Machine” that could transform waste food ingredients to fertilizer.


Social Objective: Warmthings sells assistive devices and also provides counsel service to help patients and family members for a better quality of life.
Warmthings sells assistive devices and also provides counsel service to help patients and family members for a better quality of life.
Here are the services that Warmthings provides:
1. Health promotion activities designed by accredited doctors, pharmacist and occupational therapists.
2. Home Care Counsel
3. Long-term care resources information sharing


Social Objective: Reform the production-selling system of peach so no off-grade fruit is wasted.
“Kaviilan” is one of the tribes on Lala Mountain, located in the Fuxing District of Taoyuan City, with an altitude of 700-1000 meters above sea level. The excellent geographical environment is quite suitable for the cultivation of vegetables and fruits such as sweet persimmon, cabbage, peach, etc. Among them, peach is the main agricultural product. Due to the aging population and people migration, tribal farmers have no ability to operate their own sale channels, and can only rely on wholesalers. As a result, price is often severely lowered.
Kaviiland works on establishing a new production and marketing model so that most of the profits could go ack to the farmers. In this way, fruit farmers can focus on their profession and produce higher-quality fruits and vegetables. At the same time, tribal parents can spend more time participating in and accompanying their children’s growth without the need for additional odd jobs after farming.
Kaviiland launched beer made of off-grade peach, lychee and seasonal fruits. These crafted beer products are highly acclaimed by customers.

Easy Market of NCU

Social Objective: Create a platform to connect local farmer and customer

Student team from National Central University establish a high-quality platform for local farmers to sell their product directly to customers.

Balloon on demand Social Enterprise

Social Objective: Train physically-challenged people with balloon art for entering back to workforce.
The founder of “Balloon on demand Social Enterprise co., Ltd”, Mr. Hsuan-Cheng Liu, is himslef physically challenged due to an accident.
“Balloon on demand Social Enterprise co., Ltd” has been training the physically challenged and the second generation of the new residents to get the skill of balloon art. This skill allows them get street artist credentials, providing a different employment option.


Social Objective: Build a meaningful social community for senior citizens
TTGA is still an incubated team that provide a board game for the senior citizens to build a meaningful social community. They are also working on IoT devices that could sensor the body condition of the senior citizens.
This allows family members track the health of their beloved easily.