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The Barcelona SBC programme aimed to identify social needs and, through its first three years of activity, attempt to promote social change in the city. After a careful analysis of needs, the first major social challenge was identified: the reduction of the youth unemployment rate.

In order to achieve this goal, the programme aimed to promote and encourage joint work between different actors in the city: the municipality, existing social businesses and other private organisations wishing to contribute to the goal. Partners in the programme included the Yunus Centre in Dhaka, the Pistoia Social Business City programme, the Yunus Social Business Centre University of Florence and the Grameen Creative Lab.

When the programme ended in 2017, an evaluation of the results of the actions taken and activities implemented was carried out in order to make Barcelona a real Social Business City.

An important result was the birth of the Yunus Social Business Centre University of Barcelona and the Social Business City of Barcelona association.

Interviews conducted with the social entrepreneurs involved in the programme have shown that Barcelona is now able to stimulate the development of new forms of entrepreneurship. Thanks to the programme, many young people are entering the world of social entrepreneurship with new ideas and valid objectives.

Entrepreneurs were generally satisfied with the Social Business City programme and in particular with the mentoring and support they received. They stressed the importance of collaborating with other businesses and organisations as a source of mutual help and inspiration.

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Meet the social enterprises


A new way of taking care of the person you love

The social enterprise Supercuidadoras is a network that aims at supporting the families and caregivers who are taking care of a person affected by Alzheimer.The social impact of Supercuidadoras is twofold: on the one side, it helps people affected by Alzheimer, on the other, it offers a worthy and well-paid job to former female caregivers, who were exposed to social and labor exclusion after having spent a time taking care of their relative.

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Up! Training Club

A training centre and much more

Up! Training Club is a social business that wants to answer to the high rate of unemployment and job dissatisfaction, especially among young people.

Thanks to the method developed by the Up!’s founder, customers are provided with guidance services that help them better identify their own abilities and interests, improve their personal skills, and define personal and professional development paths that will improve their employability.

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A project in the making

Footprint’s objective is to create a web-platform and an app to boost social and environmental responsible consumption, conscious tourism, and micro-volunteering.

Footprint platform will feature: a marketplace for socially-responsible products and services in your city, a calendar for short-term regular volunteering activities in your city, opportunities for organizations, social enterprises, NGOs as well as individuals to raise awareness on their products/services, and create a volunteering event.

"It is an entrepreneurship program
focused on providing social entrepreneurs with tools,
knowledge and contacts.
It is a real laboratory for business and personal development."

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