Rebuilding a better world with Muhammad Yunus, May 11 – 20 2020

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“Rebuilding a better world” is the first European distance higher education activity to which the Nobel Prize Laureate Muhammad Yunus participates after the crisis triggered by the coronavirus emergency. From May 11th to 20th, Prof. Yunus and other experts will discuss the future that awaits after the coronavirus and  how social business can  represent a great opportunity to rethink a new global economic system, more just and efficient, according to the latest  reflections elaborated by Prof. Muhammad Yunus and recently published in Italy in several newspapers analysis.

The initiative has been organized by City of Peace for Children Basilicata and University od Basilicata, inside the Yunus Social Business Centre of Basilicata, in partnership with a network of Italian Yunus Social Business Centres active in Bologna, Venezia, Firenze and Urbino.

ricostruire un mondo migliore social business impresa sociale muhammad yunus seminario alta formazioneRebuilding a better world

How can we understand and deal with the economic crisis everyone fears using old tools? Will there be room to create a new economy more aligned with human needs? Will we plunge in an Orwellian nightmare or will manage to guarantee human rights such as fundamental freedom of movement, expression, and the right to asylum? Will the nature take its revenge as it’s doing now in deserted cities in which animal roam and the air is purer after the factories have been shut or will there be further exploitation of environmental resources because of the economic crisis?

From the need to find answer to this crucial questions was born the idea of an online course that addresses the main directions of change and proposes a vision of the current state of the art trying to glimpse what, how and how much our world will change. The online course will also aim to spread basic knowledge about social business, involving students,
professors and entrepreneurs interested in the dissemination of social business methodology in Italy and in the world, making full use of the potential of distance learning.

In addition to the Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, nicknamed the banker of the poor for his economic programs that have allowed tens of thousands of people in the world
to get out of poverty, other experts will participate to conferences both from the Yunus Centre in Dakha and from Yunus Social Business Centres in Italy.  Father Enzo Fortunato, director of the press room of the Sacred Convent of Assisi and the architect Mario Cucinella, one of the most important Italian architects engaged in the diffusion of innovative and eco-sustainable architecture, will also participate to the conference and seminars.


To attend online seminars and conferences you need  to connect to live streaming on Youtube or on University of Basilicata social accounts.


11th May – 16.00 Rome time, 8,00 pm Bangladesh time

“Rebuilding post covid-19 world”
Professor Muhammad Yunus

14th May – 16,00 Rome time, 8,00 pm Bangladesh time

“Topics for Discussion: Yunus Centre Activities, Social Business and Healthcare”
Ms.Lamiya Morshed – Executive Director of the Yunus Centre
Mr. Moin Chowdhury – Managing Director Grameen Kalyan
Mr. KIshwar Imdad – Acting Managing Director of Grameen Health Care Services Ltd (GHS) & Chief
Executive Officer of Samajik Health Science Institute and Research Center Ltd.

• 18th of May – 16,00 Rome time, 8,00 pm Bangladesh time

“Social Business and its challenges”
Prof. M. Jahangir Alam Chowdhury – Department of Finance and the Executive Director of the Center for
Microfinance and Development, University of Dhaka, Academic Advisor, Yunus Centre

• 20th of May – 16 Rome Time, 8,00 pm Bangladesh time

1.“Yunus Social Business Centre Network”
Zeenat Islam,Relations Manager, Academia Network
Shihab Quader, International Projects Manager

2.“The experience of the social business in Italy”
Prof. Giuseppe Torluccio – YSBC of Bologna
Prof. Enrico Testi – YSBC Firenze
Prof. Stefano Campostrini – YSBC Venezia
Prof. Elisabetta Righini – YSBC Urbino
Prof. Ferdinando Di Carlo – YSBC of Basilicata

3.“The House for peace an experience of environmental sustainability for human rights”
Ach. Mario Cucinella and Enzo Cursio – City of Peace Foundation

4. “The new approach to the economy”
Father Enzo Fortunato – director of the press room of the Sacred Convent of Assisi


For furtehr info: Università degli studi della Basilicata


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