Travelling to Paris with the winners of Youth and Social Business 2019

By July 16, 2019News

The two young winners of the Youth&Social Business competition went to Paris! Matteo and Cristiano, who invented the Torrefazione Il Chicco were accompanied by Yunus Social Business Centre Researchers in Paris to discover the city social business. Their 5 days trip allowed them to meet the founders of multiple businesses and understand better what a social business is like.

Cristiano and Matteo met with:

MicroDON,  a social business that offers innovative solutions to facilitate solidarity engagement. Since 2009, they started to spread new systems to facilitate donations or to participate to the cause. They offer a solution that rounds up wages or bills for example clients of a certain supermarket can decide to spend a little more that they ought to or employees can decide to cut a small part of their wage that they can devolve to other association operating in the third sector.

Lulu dans ma rue, is a neighbourhood conciergerie service that wishes to re-center the neighbours attention on human relationships and mutual trust. Lulu dans ma rue connects people whether they are in need of help or just looking for somebody new to talk to.  The first conciergerie was born in 2015 and now there 4 new kiosk around town.

Les Canaux is the House of the Innovative and Solidal Economies of Paris. Les Canaux was an unused space of the Municipality of Paris that was redecorated with the involvement of more than 20 circular economy companies. It is now a space dedicated to training, meetings, incubation and shared learning for associations, startups, social business and in general for every Parisian that is sensible to sustainability and solidarity economy issues.

Social Bar is a particular kind of Bar that defines itself as a ” social laboratory” a space where people could meet and interact, talk or even work together. The bar offers an innovative solution to loneliness and social exclusion. Profits from the Bar are redistributed to other Parisian organizations that believe in the value of solidarity.

Action Tank & Social Business, an association created by Danone in 2010, which includes large French companies such as Veolia, Renault and Sodexo to develop sustainable and innovative business models to alleviate poverty, precariousness and social exclusion in France. The target is to intervene in the shadow areas of state welfare, where social programs create bottlenecks or barriers that exclude certain categories of people, preventing them from escaping poverty.

Danone Communities, is an impact investment fund that supports sustainable companies with a strong social impact. Their mission is to invest in the development of local businesses with a sustainable business model aimed at promoting the Sustainable Development Goals 2 and 6: the fight against malnutrition and access to water in developing countries.

Coopérative La Louve, following the example of the Food Cop in Park Slope, NYC, la Louve is a cooperative supermarket that allows is members to buy high quality produce at cheaper prices. The project fosters sharing and cooperation between members, which donates 3 hours of their free time each month to work there.

social business parigi viaggio giovani e social business pistoia
social bar parigi incontri giovani e social business yunu centre pistoia

Every year since 2012, the Youth and Social Business project is taking place in Pistoia, the School-Work Alternation program that brings the social enterprise among the youngest thanks to the support of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Pistoia and Pescia and the Fondazione a Raggio of Luce Onlus.

For the 2018/2019 school year, 8 classes from 3 institutions in the Pistoia area were involved: Technical-State Institute Marchi-Forti, IPSSCS Luigi Einaudi, Istituto ITCS Pacini. The students attended a simulation class of social enterprise through lessons and workshops that led them to develop their own idea of ​​social business. The winning  projects were chosen for their particular attention to economic and financial sustainability and social impact.

Students have been accompanied to the final competition by a consultancy service that helped them in developing their business idea, their entrepreneurial skills, team work and multiple design skills useful on the labour market. The three best projects, selected from 10 finalists, received an award. The first prize was a trip to Paris, the second is a trip to Naples while the third place winners will receive a € 100 voucher each for the purchase of books.

Torrefazione Il Chicco

Da scoprire:  il progetto di Cristiano e Matteo che ha vinto il primo premio di Giovani&Social Business.