Muhammad Yunus received the Lamp of Peace of Saint Francis in Assisi

By September 2, 2019News

On September 3rd 2019, Muhammad Yunus has been invited in the Upper Basilica of San Francesco of Assisi (Umbria) to hold a Lectio Magistralis on Circualr Economy and Microcredit. In the same occasion he was awrded with the Lamp of Peace of Saint Francis.

The Nobel Peace Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus gave a lecture on Circular Economy and Microcredit, which was part of the scientific teaching of Percorsi Assisi, the first inter-university school in Economics fostered by the Franciscan friars of the Sacred Convent and multiple higher education Italian institutes.

This school is part of the path that will lead next year to The Economy of Francesco an event promoted by Pope Francis is direct at all young people, entrepreneurs and change makers to foster a new more just, fraternal and sustainable economy.

Muhammad Yunus received the Lamp of Peace of Saint Francis, a recognition that is conferred to political, cultural or civil society personalities who have distinguished themselves for their commitment in fostering peace, dialogue and union. The Lamp represents the simplicity of the Franciscan message: the lamp is made of glass to recall purity and the oil that burns inside is both a symbol of humility and of the desire of rebirth and social commitment.

The event has been attended by the numerous Italian Yunus Centres that work to spread the theories and practices of social business and micro-credit. Among them there was also the Yunus Social Business Centre University of Florence and the Yunus Social Business Centre of Urbino inaugurated last May at the presence of Professor Yunus in the University of Urbino.

The Lectio Magistralis will be held in the Upper Basilica of Saint Francis at 21.00 pm, the event is open to all.[:]