Luce Per Tutti, una nuova impresa sociale a Pistoia!

By September 23, 2022News

Luce Per Tutti can be described as enthusiasm and zest for life at all ages through collaborative and non-competitive physical activity. Moving to feel good about oneself and together with others: this is the idea of the social enterprise ‘Luce Per Tutti’, founded by Sary Rosa and Alessio Calistri at the end of the training promoted by the call Grow Your Business! that supports the birth of social enterprises in Pistoia.  Established as a social enterprise on 22 March 2022, it will be active in 24 classes in two middle and high schools in Pistoia for the 2022/2023 school year.

The social enterprise Luce Per Tutti was born, almost by accident, in a gymnasium in Pistoia during the COVID-19 pandemic. After no less than nine successful bids financed by FARCOM to promote their activities in the social sector, Sary Rosa and Alessio Calistri, the two co-founders, decided to participate in the call “Grow Your Business!” to give legs and structure to their innovative social enterprise idea.

Luce Per Tutti was set up to counter the many forms of youth discomfort, including sedentariness, which is increasingly widespread among young people and accentuated during the pandemic. With the limitation of social interactions, in fact, young people have increasingly turned to video games, their mobile phones and in many cases isolated themselves. All of these dynamics reinforced a trend that was already ingrained before the pandemic, to which we must also add the increasing marginalisation of some boys and girls and social dynamics that were not very inclusive. Luce Per Tutti has therefore decided to intervene in schools to encourage ‘movement’, the improvement of ‘team spirit’ in each class, the first foundation for stimulating aggregation and inclusion against bullying.

Physical activity of course, but interpreted in a very precise way: collaborative, non-competitive and inclusive games in movement that adapt to and include everyone regardless of their physical form and performance. A movement that has as its ultimate goal the development of young people’s talents both through sport and through theatre, music, painting and those forms of expression that are not strictly ‘academic’.

Luce Per Tutti is a team of professionals offering a programme for the integration and global development of the individual. In addition to the two founding members Sary Rosa and Alessio Calistri, the team includes eight other professionals and collaborators, among them motor scientists, nutrition scientists, psychologists – who work on the psychophysical wellbeing and emotional management of young people – and art masters, including musicians, dancers, painters, sculptors and theatrical performers ‘on loan’ from the Funaro Theatre in Pistoia.

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