A World of 3 Zeros: a documentary dedicated to Muhammad Yunus’ social business

By March 11, 2024News

Zero net carbon emissions – Zero poverty – Zero unemployment.

Poverty, unemployment, and carbon emissions are global problems: what if there was a way to face these issues and bring them to zero?

The documentary “A World of 3 Zeros” explores new ways of living together and doing business in a responsible and sustainable perspective. In solidarity and inclusiveness while respecting the planetary boundaries and leaving no one behind. Inspired by his achievements and by his own humility, fascinated by his visionary business ideas, Áine and Michel started their own journey.

This documentary is both their journal and their open letter to people and businesses all over the world.

Due to the crisis in Bangladesh, the documentary is available to watch for free

Building the future, no matter what

Today, social business as a way of thinking is being taught in Universities across the world. Paris, Montreal, Glasgow, Florence, more than a hundred business schools and faculties are promoting new teachings inspired by the works of Muhammad Yunus and his peers. Yunus Social Business initiatives are present in Brazil, Germany, India and many other countries through global partnerships with local institutions or multinational brands looking to change the way they do business.

Yet there is still much work to be done. Coming to a world where society can function with zero net carbon emissions, zero poverty and zero unemployment is not something these businesses can achieve alone, and there are – sadly enough – still people who won’t believe it is possible, or simply don’t want to.

Since 2008, Muhammad Yunus and his colleagues have been harassed by the Bangladesh authorities, facing more than 150 lawsuits. An intimidation campaign that has been labelled early this September “a blatant abuse of labour laws and the justice system and a form of political retaliation for his work and dissent” by Agnès Callamard, Secretary General of Amnesty International.

Film has an impact that few other media have in the imagedriven world that we live in today. With this feature documentary, directors Áine Clarke and Michel Van der Veken aim to help widen perspectives, and to inspire audiences to participate in creating a better future for the common good. It takes work, creativity and resilience.

But in the end, as said by Nobel Peace Laureate Muhammad Yunus, nothing is impossible for a human being.

More info on the documentary and the featured social businesses take a look on its website, here.

The documentary is directed by Áine Clarke and Michel Van der Veken and distriburted by Azi.mut Company