A social business contest in Taiwan

By July 29, 2022News

Young and talented: the winners of the social business contest.

Social Business Contest Taiwan

The “Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition” was organized by the National Central University of Tayouan e the Ministry of Labour and was held on the 25th of September in Taiwan. Mr. Enrico Testi, our Director and Executive Director of ARCO, took part in the event serving as a judge for the contest. The YSBC is deeply committed to spreading the theories of the social business, commitment that involves taking part in international activities and events.

Before the competition, a seminar on social business and social innovation took place. Together with Andrea Grove, Professor at the California Institute for Social Business, Enrico was invited as keynote speaker at the event. He mainly focused on the historical evolution of social enterprises in Italy, how they started and developed over the years. But how is it possible to encourage the birth and development of social enterprises? How do you create the so-called enabling ecosystem for social businesses? These were the questions the audience was most interested in.

The creation of an enabling ecosystem for social business is the main objective of our Social Business City Program, which has been already implemented in Pistoia and Barcelona. A wide variety of activities are involved in the creation of the enabling ecosystem, ranging from awareness raising activities, research, to support to new social enterprises and consultancy for the development of new social business ideas.

The participation of all the different voices and components of the community – young people, enterprises, local administrators and citizens – is crucial, as Enrico pointed out.
After the seminar, the vote took place and three ideas out of five were awarded! The photo shows our director with the winners!