At the event Salone CSR 2015, held in Milan last 6-7 October, the Yunus Social Business Centre University of Florence and Leroy Merlin Italia presented the project La Casa Ideale, at the round table “ New models of cooperation: an incentive for development?”. The round table was coordinated by Elena Zanella.

La Casa Ideale is an initiative by Leroy Merlin Italia and the Yunus Social Business Centre University of Florence in collaboration with Fondazione Italiana Accenture created to select the best 30 projects providing shelter and social inclusion proposed by non-profit organizations. The initiative has the aim of sustaining non-profit organizations active in the field of social inclusion by granting them access to Leroy Merlin products at a reduced price (between 20% and 40%). Leroy Merlin Italy will not take any profit out of the products sold to these 30 projects.

The initiative is innovative in the traditional panorama of CSR initiatives as it aims to build a win win situation in which the company can support non-profit organizations without incurring in losses.

Enrico Testi, Director of International relations at Yunus Social Centre Business, said: “Through “La casa ideale” we would like to shift the focus of CSR activities from donations to social business logics, in order to build win-win systems for all the stakeholders involved”