What is a Social Business? What are the main steps to develop your business ideas?

Friday November 6th in via Abbi Pazienza 1 in Pistoia, Yunus Social Business Centre is organizing a free introductory workshop aimed at youth and aspiring entrepreneurs that want to find solutions to challenging social and environmental issues.

The workshop is part of the Pistoia Social Business City Program set up to promote social entrepreneurship culture in the territory of Pistoia and carried on by Yunus Social Business Centre, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Pistoia e Pescia and Fondazione Un Raggio di Luce Onlus, aimed at the promotion of social entrepreneurship in the province of Pistoia.

The workshop is open to 20 participants interested in understanding Social Business and in understanding new ways to structure an entrepreneurial idea.

Day schedule:

• 9:30-10:00 Participant registration

• 10:00-11:15 Social Business: introduction and planning

• 11:15-11:30 Coffee break

• 11:30-12:35 The experience of a local social enterprise: Cooperativa Lotrek – Filippo Gruni

• 11:30-12:35 – The opportunities for young entrepreneurs

• 12:35-14:00 Break

• 14:00-16:30 Workshop on Social Business ideas

The participation is free but in order to be selected, it is required to send an email to pistoia@sbflorence.org by 4th of November, indicating first name, surname, age and, if you are a student, the name of the degree course attended.

The first 20 applications received will be selected (in case you cannot attend please, write to Yunus Social Business Centre).

Each participant will receive a certificate of participation, which will allow to obtain special discounts on the application fees for future initiatives organized within the Pistoia Social Business City Program.

Workshop will be held in Italian.

For further information:

Contact the Yunus Social Business Centre 0573/27927 or at pistoia@sbflorence.org.