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A meeting in Dhaka with professor Yunus to report on the activities of the last year  and to look at possible projects in Eastern Europe was held on the 29th of May.

The objectives of the meeting between Enrico Testi, Director of International Relations of YSBCUF, and the head officers of the Yunus Centre in Dhaka (Bangladesh), were to trace the initiatives promoted by the YSBCUF in its first year of activity and to share the development strategies and directions to follow in the close future.

Furthermore, the visit of YSBCUF Director was the opportunity to show professor Yunus the Social Business City program launched in Pistoia: a dedicated office was opened in Pistoia a few weeks ago, where the staff of YSBCUF works to promote Social Business. In order to celebrate this initiative -the first one in Italy- an official inauguration ceremony will be soon scheduled: professor Yunus will participate to this important event. Another trip to Dhaka by doctor Testi is also scheduled for 28th June, in the occasion of the Social Business Day, celebrated all over the world.

The continuous updating and exchange among subjects and realities of Social Business at international level is a fundamental activity for the implementation and expansion  of this economic model, as Social Business changes its features depending on the contexts and actors involved.

With regards to this topic, a new example of Social Business comes from Bangladesh itself, where the collaboration between BASF (a chemical industry) and Grameen Healthcare Trust (a foundation for the promotion of healthcare right) led to the creation of BASF Grameen Limited. The new joint venture will produce and commercialize, through a new plant in Bangladesh, mosquito nets soaked with insecticide, in order to prevent the diffusion of malaria.

Finally, other concrete opportunities of Social Business are taking shape in Europe, where the YSBCUF is launching new programs in Eastern Countries. In these regions the need of social cohesion and the necessity of sustainable development strategies are particularly strong.

Professor Yunus visit to Italy will be a further opportunity to discuss these perspectives.