Becoming Social Business entrepreneurs

By Tuesday May 31st, 2011Homepage Slideshow 1, News

The Yunus Social Business Centre University of Florence organizes workshops in Italy and in other countries with the following objectives:

-to enhance knowledge on Social Business

-to help the start-up of Social Businesses

-to build a network of people interested in Social Business (designers, students, entrepreneurs, politicians etc.)


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  • Salve, se uno volesse creare un’impresa di servizi di utilità sociale alla persona col sistema del microcredito in Italia in questo momento quali sono gli ostacoli che dovrebbe affrontare? Oppure anche una piccola impresa manifatturiera di saponi completamente naturali ed ecosostenibili?

  • Md. Saiful Islam says:

    I am keen interested to know about the social business (SB) in agricultural sector especilly in poultry farming in rural areas.How SB will be performed and how poor farmers will be benefited by practicing SB? Why SB will be needed in future in poultry or agricultural sector? If possible please send me some references (name of country)where SB achived a lot in mentioned sectors. I just need very short answer. Very hopefully waiting for getting such informations.