Barcelona Social Business City

A local program inspired in a global concept


SBC Barcelona can count on international partners aligned to the Social Business Movement, like the Yunus Centre Dhaka, SBC Pistoia, YSBCUF and the Grameen Creative Lab.
We want a city suitable for young people’s future! To do so, we think the youth have to be the protagonists of their own change. SBC Barcelona works introducing them a tool that can help them achieving their aspirations and desires: social business.

General Objective

The main goal of this program is to transform social needs identified in the city by promoting and supporting social entrepreneurship and social businesses and, through an initial three-year activity program, it wants to achieve a social challenge. In order to achieve this goal, SBC Barcelona fosters a social alliance between different actors of the city, like the City Council, existing social businesses and other private organizations that want to contribute achieving this challenge.

What we did

YSBCUF had a role in planning the activities of the program such as:

- “Doing Social Business” – A training course at Universities and Professional Training schools to spread the social business concept as an alternative when it comes to launch businesses;
- “Youth For Social Entrepreneurship” Awards – A call that prizes the best social business models defined by young people of the city;
Lab “Co-creating social businesses” – A meeting creative lab to enhance social business ideas by combining knowledge and experience from different people (youth, adults and seniors).