The word goes to Yunus

By Monday July 2nd, 2012News

In Pisa and in Pistoia, on 10 and 11 July, two opportunities to hear Professor Muhammad Yunus live.

A discussion on projects and tools that can promote development and strengthen the autonomy of peoples. This is the objective of the workshop “Fighting Poverty: a duty of all” organized by the Fondazione Andrea Bocelli under the “Break the barriers” program.

The meeting will take place on Tuesday, July 10, at Pisa, from 17.00 to 19.30, in the auditorium “G. Toniolo” (Piazza dei Miracoli), and will see the participation of Professor Muhammad Yunus, who will illustrate the solutions offered by social business.

Founder of Grameen Bank and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Muhammad Yunus has played a key role in leading, globally, a battle against poverty: since the early ‘80, in Bangladesh, has made credit accessible to the poor and those individuals normally excluded from traditional banking channels.

That was the first step of a long journey during which Yunus was able to demonstrate that if poor people had a real credit opportunity, they would be able not only to repay the loan but also to use it in the right way to come out of their poverty.

The terms and open perspectives from experiences like this will be discussed personally by Professor Yunus during his visit in Tuscany: on Tuesday, July 10 he will be in Pisa, at the workshop organized by the Foundation Bocelli; on Wednesday, July 11 the professor will be in Pistoia for the inauguration of the Program for Social Business in Pistoia.

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