Designing a Social Business

By Monday May 21st, 2012Homepage Slideshow 1, Monthly News, News

Thursday 31st May, in Pistoia, a free workshop to learn how to plan a Social Business.

A photocopy shop that uses recycled paper from the waste separation in the University: a way to provide a high-demand service (printing service) and, at the meantime, to improve the living environment inside the University thanks to the development of a new paper collection and recycling system.

This is one of the Social Business ideas that have been presented and discussed during the workshop organised by the YSBCUF: the workshop took place on the 18th May and was included in the three-years programme Pistoia Social Business City. Twenty people, including students and non-students, were involved in this event, that is part of a cycle of training appointments meant to stimulate the creation of new Social Businesses in Pistoia.

After an introduction on the formal framework of Social Business enterprises, the participants have been involved in a teamwork activity aimed at planning an example of Social Business. The focus of the activity was on environment, single-parent families and elderly people: these sectors of society have specific needs that often require a tailored solution.

The discussion was also animated by the personal experience of a social entrepreneur of Pistoia, Sauro Gori: he is the president of the cooperative In Cammino, which deals with job placement of disadvantaged subjects, teaching them a job and supporting them in a path of personal growth.

The next introductory workshop on Social Business, that will explain how to switch from ideas to practice, will be on Thursday 31st May in Pistoia, in the new office of the Centre. The meeting will take place throughout the day and is open to twenty participants (15 students and 5 non-students).

To participate, please mail your name, surname, age and university class (if student) to before May 28th.

If you already have a Social Business Idea that you would like to analyse in depth during the workshop, you can send it to the Centre, filling the apposite form, downloadable here.