Young and social business: become active agents of change

By Wednesday October 31st, 2012Monthly News

“Young and social business: become active agents of change”  is a project supported by Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio Pistoia e Pescia and Fondazione Un Raggio di Luce Onlus within the program “Pistoia prima Social Business City in Italia”. It wants to provide to young students attending the third, the fourth and the fifth years of secondary schools in the Province of Pistoia a new formative experience about the concepts of Social Entrepreneurship and Social Business.

The students that will be involved into the project are about 260 of 6 secondary schools of the Province. The staff of Yunus Social Business Centre University of Florence will introduce them the main concept of Microcredit and Social Business and they will help the students to analyse, with a participative approach, the problems of their territory.

In the second part of this experience the students will try to find out some solutions to these problems trying to build a Social Business idea. During the last meetings a cameramen will film them to make a final documentary of the project. These ideas will participate to a contest organized by the Yunus Social Business Centre and the winners will fly in Bangladesh to meet Professor Yunus and to visit the Bangladesh’s Social Businesses.

The scope of this initiative is to allow these students to know new business tools and concepts and to give them the opportunity to be an entrepreneur for a little moment of their life. Giving a response to some problems and trying to make some choices that can change in a positive manner their cities, these students can fell themselves as active actors of the society in which they live and they can play an active role in the local development. It can be also an opportunity for these students to think about their professional future, taking in consideration the idea to make themselves entrepreneurs.