Competition for the best business idea

By Tuesday May 21st, 2013Monthly News, News

The Gruppo Giovani Imprenditori of Confcommercio Pistoia, in collaboration and with the support of the Faculty of Economics of Florence, with the contribution of the Cassa di Risparmio di Pistoia e della Lucchesia and in collaboration with the Province of Pistoia establishes for the year 2012-2013 a “Competition for the best business idea” for university students enrolled in an undergraduate program or degree from the Faculty of Economics of the University of Florence.

The initiative proposes the creation of a competition to reward the best business idea or the best project for the creation and management of a company in terms of quality and innovation, based also on the economic and financial feasibility, economic and social fallout on the territory and the environmental sustainability of the initiative.

This competition aims to develop and strengthen in young students the idea of enterprise and entrepreneurship training, and to promote and encourage the study and analysis of the economic reality of the province of Pistoia, with particular reference to the areas of trade, tourism and services and establish a close synergy between individual studies and the “real” business reality.

Participants will develop the regulations and/or the articles of incorporation of the company, a business plan and a description of the project business, for the drafting of which will be supported and monitored by the Commission which will judge the works.

The top three winners will receive respectively a prize of € 1.000,00 plus an internship, € 700.00 and € 400.00. Registrations are extended until 31 May 2013. All forms are available on this page.