Youth and Social Business: first phase closed. Let’s start with the contest!

By Tuesday March 17th, 2015Monthly News, News

The first phase of the program “Youth and Social Business: becaming agents of change” is closed.
The program Youth and Social Business – aimed at the spreading of the social entrepreneurship knowledge among the students of high schools from Pistoia – is carried on within the Program Pistoia Social Business City which includes several activities aiming at the spreading of Social Business (and Social Entrepreneurship). The PSBC is carried on in the Province of Pistoia by the Yunus Social Business Centre, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Pistoia e Pescia and Fondazione Un Raggio di Luce Onlus.
The project consists of two phases: the first one provides students with a series of classes during which concepts of social business are exposed to them, the second one is developed with a contest of social business ideas.

The first part of the project, fulfilled within the months of November 2014 and February 2015, involved 15 classes, about 280 students from 5 high schools of the territory of Pistoia. This phase provided students with the basic knowledge and the instruments to approach the world of social entrepreneurship and throughout the meeting with a local social entrepreneur.

The results of the analysis from the data collected by the two questionnaires (one administered during the first class, the other one during the last one) shows that the knowledge about Social Business and Microcredit students involved has deeply increased. It goes from a 28% of right answers given before they had classes on these concepts, to a 71% by the end of the project.

A relevant data, highlighted by the analysis of the questionnaire administered, is that 95% of the students involved in the educational project are interested in participating to a similar project.
The students participating to the contest will have until 31st March 2015 to work out their social business ideas and to send it to the Yunus Social Business Centre. The projects handed in will participate to the selection phase which will end with the nomination of the winners. The prize for the winners will be a travel in a European city to meet the most innovative local social businesses.