Our proposal

Social Business represents a clear and sustainable alternative to the crisis of the dominant economic model.
Social Business fosters societies’ wellbeing starting from the real needs of people, trying to solve the problems of the communities but taking also into account the economic sustainability, typical
of traditional enterprises.

Our Centre provides services addressed to every individual or organization who wants to start a
Social Business.

Strategic support

The Centre helps individuals and organizations interested in becoming Social Business entrepreneurs and supports them in the development of new products and services.
Through the analysis of specific social needs of each context and community and the study of the features of reference markets, the Centre supports the designing of Social Business solutions.

Research Activities

The international debate on Social Business is quite large and still evolving. Besides Muhammad Yunus model, other social entrepreneurship models exist. The Yunus Social Business Centre University of Florence team is constantly committed in research activities, aimed at identifying the most efficient methods, tools and practices in this sector.

Training & Workshop

The YSBCUF organizes days of formation for university students and high school students with the objective of introducing new generations to the themes of Social Business.
Moreover, the Centre organizes formative events for adults designed to network different subjects (entrepreneurs, designers, associations, administrators) but equally interested in Social Business, which facilitates the creation of new collaborations and projects.

Social Business Cities

The Social Business can be a useful strategy not only for the resolution of specific social problems, but also for problems of common interest.
With this purpose, the YSBCUF elaborates, in partnerships with local actors, integrated programmes aimed at the creation of an enabling eco-system for the diffusion of Social Business.
The Social Business City Programmes are implemented by partners of the YSBCUF under its supervision and evaluation.