Pop Up Lab Quarrata!

By Friday March 13th, 2015Monthly News, News

Next March 27th, 28th, 29th the event Pop Up Lab will be held  in Quarrata, in Via Montalbano 240, a big space that will be revitalized in order to stimulate a new development of the territory.

Pop Up Lab is a project that challenges the emptying of the historic cities-centre through the reuse of unused places for new social, cultural and market initiatives. The Yunus Social Business Centre is a partner of project.
Pop Up Lab, come to its 2nd edition – edited and designed by the association Pop Up, sponsored by Regione Toscana and supported by Autorità Regionale per la Partecipazione- is a lab for experimentation of procedures to build new models of sharing cities spaces.

Coworking and green economy: how to covert the showrooms into sustainable sharing spaces.

Quarrata has not  got a historical centre, but it is rich in empty showrooms, where some years ago there were furniture factories. These spaces have got a big potential If used like place to design, produce, make, develop and offer innovative services and to sell and promote the territorial excellences.

These will be the main topics of Pop Up Lab Quarrata.

For further info: www.popuplab.it.