Boero Bartolomeo S.p.A partners with Leroy Merlin Italia in encouraging social business experimentation within the CSR joint initiative “Agorà dell’Abitare”. Agorà dell’Abitare is a network of enterprises, associations, institutions and private citizens, promoted by Leroy Merlin Italia, interested in the right to adequate housing. The Yunus Social Business Centre University of Florence is also part of the network. Agorà dell’Abitare is a platform aimed at fostering institutions’ engagement, building and restoring community relationships and developing individual capacities and practical abilities.
Agorà dell’Abitare encompasses several projects, supported by Leroy Merlin Italia, which foster social inclusion and increase the quality of life of individuals and communities. Specifically, “La Casa Ideale”, offers Third Sector Organizations a price reduction for the purchase of Leroy Merlin products used in their social inclusion projects. Selling at cost price, Leroy Merlin is able supports Third Sector initiatives in a sustainable way.
Boero Bartolomeo S.p.A, Italian holding company leader in the colour and paint industry and in the field of construction, yachting and shipbuilding, signed the collaboration agreement to share Leroy Merlin Italia’s mission and commitment to support future projects in line with the model experimented in the social business activity “La Casa Ideale”. For Further information: